The unbearable lightness of being, 1988

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– Tell me, Franz, why do you always have to take me to another city? Why don’t you ever want to make love to me in Geneva?
– I told you.
– Tell me again.
– Because I couldn’t go home and go to bed with my wife.
– You mean you couldn’t go from one bed to another bed the same day?
– That’s right.
– Why?
– I feel it would be humiliating to my wife, to me and to you.



Hiroshima mon amour, 1959

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Sounds like:

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An unconditional promise to give.

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I wish I had just one thing that would always comfort me. Just one thing, whatever that would be – a book, a film, a song, a word, a proverb, anything.

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What makes us do things we would have never done?
What is the fuel – is it rather good emotions or the bad ones?

Bonjour Tristesse, 1958

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Wait! Let’s smell the day.

Meteor shower

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They say when you see a falling star, you have to make a wish because it’s likely to come true. I frequently get confused because of not knowing what to wish for. Also, I never remember what were my wishes about, so even if something happens, if that wish comes true, I don’t know if it was the thing i wished for.