Sounds like:

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • facade of a house, a window, a girl standing next to the front door watching her nails
  • a field of ryes; same girl running with her arms wide open and a man running after her; sun is shinning through the clouds
  • same people eating ice-cream and fighting afterwards; they are messy and laughing
  • a girl with sunglasses with her arms put in the back smiling and acting shy
  • a girl and a boy on the top of the cliff watching the sea
  • a field, green grass, a girl jumps on the back of the boy and rides piggyback
  • a girl hiding behind the long courtains
  • profile of a girl on a train watching through a window; the landscape changing fast
  • close up of a girl sitting on the grass smiling, blinking
  • girl and  a boy spinning around very fast holding their hands; laughing (boy), screaming (girl); until the end
  • camera up; the sky and the colours of sunset

So now I realize why it’s The Cinematic Orchestra.


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