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I wish I were among those who ran out of the cinema back then, thinking that the train is coming towards them.


Once again

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Sounds like:

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evenings getting warmer and warmer.

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Potato manifesto

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The purpose of this manifesto is to declare my attitude concerning potatoes.
1. I always mind my own potatoes. I take care of them carefully.
2. I believe everybody should mind their own.
3. If you’re strongly interested in my potatoes, don’t try to dig them or ask anyone else to dig them for you. The punishment is inevitable.
4. If you’re still strongly interested in my potatoes, you can watch them through the fence if you like. You can watch them grow because they grow extremely well.

Inspiration of the week#13

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Models can speak!

Although we use to see them most of the times mute. I was always interested in the way they speak, what are their natural face expressions when they don’t have to wear the orgasmic ones. Here are my favourites:

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