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..coming closer.


About childhood

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A girl’s childhood ends with the moment her mother says: “Stop eating! You’ll gain weight!”.

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Oh Sunday Sunday

Tell me what’s behind your smile?

About the irrationalism in strict rationalism

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slightly shocked with a little taste of satisfaction

ripped villager

raped the potatoe digger

in the field of a wide river

killer potatoe and egg the masterpiece

were the saviours but not as owned

as the potatoe digger

samples are majority, talking all that jazz

having in mind all that blues

and stuff related things

by subconscious of the egg

imagine the future of an ognion ripped by the fork

lost in space a bit

counting intergallactic creatures

dropping unlimited images from his stommach

feel slowly and welcome to Thursday morning

About youth

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We dream of youth. We remember it as a time of nightingales and valentines, and what are the facts? Maladjustment, near-idiocy, and a series of low-comedy disasters, that’s what youth is. I don’t see how anyone survives it.

– Monkey business (Howard Hawks 1952)

But we do survive, doctor Fulton, we do survive.


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It’s a pity when you enter “Paris” in google search just to see some views of the city and one of the first things you get is ms. Hilton digging… something. To hell with your civilization!

Inspiration of the week#10

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I wish you lot of colours.

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