Inspiration of the week#9

December 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sophie’s choice (1982)

Just a perfect film for a sleepless night. The other day I understood what the whole adult life is about. And it’s about making choices. Sophie made 2 choices of which she didn’t regret even if they didn’t seem to be right.


Sunday sounds

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you know I know better

Without any word wasting.

VoilĂ  les anges

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People close their eyes when they feel good and comfortable: in sleep, when somebody kisses them, when somebody hugs them when they need it most. When they laugh, when they cry and somebody holds them. When they sink into very comfy chair after hours of working. When they drink hot tea and feel their feet warming up.

Cats shut their mouth when they’re happy. Because there is no such thing that needs to be said.



I’m so-so

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A stamp

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This one goes to Mr.Anybody and all the closed chapters that might seem to be never-ending. It’s a great honour to close them with one of the best songs ever made.

Reached for the secret too soon

You cry for the moon

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