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Lulu slept naked because she liked to feel the sheets caressing her body and also because laundry was expensive. In the beginning Henri protested: you shouldn’t go to bed naked like that, it isn’t nice; it’s dirty. Anyhow, he finally followed his wife’s example, though in his case it was merely laziness (…). Personally, Lulu did not despise uncleanliness: it was more intimate and made such tender shadows; in the crook of the arm, for instance; she couldn’t stand the English with their impersonal bodies which smelt of nothing. But she couldn’t bear her husband’s negligence because it was a way of getting himself cuddled. In the morning, when he arose, he was always very tender toward himself, his head full of dreams, and broad daylight, cold water, the coarse bristles of the brush made him suffer brutal injustices.

– Jean Paul Sartre (Intimacy, The Wall)


Inspiration of the week#8

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It’s not important what people do you meet. It’s who do you keep near you, that’s the most important thing living between so many of them. Here’s a tune for all of you who inspire me so  much. And DON’T YOU THINK OF LEAVING.

About past life

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I’m pretty sure I was a can can dancer whose dream was to become a balet dancer but it didn’t work out.

Inspiration of the week#7

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Anton Solomoukha’s  Mona Lisa di Antonio Maria (Antonmaria) Gherardini del Giocondo

About potatoes

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I always mind my own potatoes. And my potatoes are always fried until they’re crispy with LOT of salt, served with sweet milk demi écrémé.

Dangerously free man

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Somebody once tried to convince Sergei Paradjanov that there is no such country as Persia.

– How come there is no such country if we have persian cats and persian carpets?

Don’t want to live somebody else’s life

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This is what I want to be

And this is what I give to you

Because I get it free

Where Am I?

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