Where do I come from

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I come from the Mother Nature like all of us. Being a citizen of the world, I often feel a stranger when somebody asks me which country do I come from. I guess that’s destiny; a cat’s destiny, that is. And I enthusiastically accept that like I have accepted lots of things that had happened to me.

Tao says a man’s life is a road. Some of you go straight ahead all of the time staying in harmony with Tao. But some of you get lost frequently turning off the track. Actually, none of your ways apply to me. I think people who go straight all their life are ill – these are the ones that have to be cured. People who turn off the track are the ones that are looking for something and for this they’re worthy of praise (only if they get back on the track). And cats walk their own roads, you know.

I enjoy living my life alone. I feel like a director and main actor of my own movie with my own script. Sometimes I need a good editor, though. Who could reduce some of the scenes before they get on the screen. Anyway, I don’t regret any of the bad episodes because I know I created them.


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